Single Malt Whisky

Single Malt Whisky is Whisky made exclusively of malted barley (malt) at one single distillery.

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Peat's Beast 25yo Islay Single Malt

Peat's Beast 25yo (52.2%, Fox Fitzgerald 2017, bottlecode L1 1409-2017-11)
€179.00 incl VAT

Port Askaig 15yo for Belgium

Port Askaig 15yo 2006/2021 (54.2%, Elixir Distillers for The Nectar Belgium, Cask #307361)
€119.00 incl VAT

Sample Arran 14yo Peated for BE

Sample 3cl: Arran 14yo 2005/2020 (54.5%, OB for Belgium & Lux, Peated, Ex-Bourbon Barrel #104, 223 bottles)
€7.01 incl VAT

Sample Kilchoman Tequila Cask Belgium

Sample 3cl: Kilchoman 2013/2021 (55.7%, OB for The Nectar Belgium, Tequila Cask#736/2013, 257 bottles)
€7.01 incl VAT